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Having white and bright teeth is always desirable, but sometimes the choices in our diet can keep us from reaching that goal. That is why teething whitening has become a popular option for restoring the white color of your teeth.

The most vital thing to remember with any teeth-whitening treatment is to always talk to your dentist, Dr. Thomas Pierce first, so you can find out the best and healthiest option for your unique tooth enamel needs. In many cases, your dentist may be able to provide you with a teeth-whitening take-home treatment filled with the right amount of gel for your needs. This is always great because you can take it home and do it on your own time.

There is a sea of other over-the-counter options you can choose from. Some include various toothpaste to use after brushing. Other options include special whitening strips or gels. Remember, whatever option you try to always read the directions carefully to avoid any damage or increase in sensitivity to your teeth.

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