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The Fundamentals of Halitosis

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Not all forms of bad breath are considered dangerous, but some are caused by bacteria in your mouth and not simply the result of of something you recently ate. If bacteria are to blame, it is important to seek treatment at your dentist as soon as you can.

For a list of guidelines concerning halitosis, consider the following:

– Are you brushing and flossing your teeth appropriately?
– Is there any plaque buildup on your teeth and gums?
– Are your gums receding, swollen, tender, red or bleeding?
– Have you ever used mouthwash to freshen your breath?
– Have you ever suffered from any liver and kidney irregularities, or respiratory tract infections?
– Do you wear dentures? If you don’t clean them every day, that can contribute to bad breath.
– Are you using any medications that list bad breath as a side effect?

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