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If Dr. Thomas Pierce discovers a section of mouth tissue that appears discolored or damages, he may perform a dental biopsy to further evaluate the tissue. Our dentist can perform hard and soft tissue biopsies to diagnose a wide variety of dental issues.

Dental biopsies involve removing a small piece of gum, bone, or tooth to discover the cause of any discoloration or lesions. Biopsies are most often performed to discover cancerous cells in the mouth. During the procedure, our dentist will numb the affected area before making a small incision to extract the hard or soft tissue from the mouth. You can take over-the-counter pain relievers to treat any discomfort. A saltwater rinse will also help relieve discomfort and prevent infection.

There are two types of biopsies:

  • Incisional biopsies remove only a section of the oral lesion.
  • Excisional biopsies remove the entire lesion from the mouth.

Our dentist will determine which type of biopsy is necessary for your oral health. We encourage you to visit our office regularly for thorough oral exams so that our team can detect lesions of the teeth, gums, and bone before they develop into a serious issue.

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