Wishing you a lifetime of smiles!

We can use dental implants to help our patients restore their smiles and enjoy long-lasting stability. Dental implants are designed to look and feel like natural teeth, which is why they need to be carefully planned and placed by an experienced dentist.

Dr. Thomas Pierce has provided dental implants since 1980, helping many patients regain their ability to speak, chew, and smile without discomfort or shame. Many surrounding dental offices refer their paitents to his experienced and skillful care. Our dentist utilizes 3D imaging to construct a vivid treatment plan and ensure that the final results will be to your liking.

During your initial visit, our dentist takes 3D images to assess the bone structure and location of the nerves, plan your surgical procedure, and mold the implant restorations. Not only does 3D imaging reduce the treatment time, it also allows our dentist to consider the unique contours of your teeth and mouth for a more precise restoration. Our dentist strives for a strong and cosmetic outcome so that your smile will look and feel full natural.

We would be happy to speak with you if you are interested in 3D imaging in Marion, Arkansas. Call 870-739-3256 or visit our office to learn more!